For friends abroad wanting to extend help towards Filipinos affected by Typhoon Rolly (Goni) and Ulysses (Vamco).


The Philippines has been battered by several devastating typhoons in quick succession in a matter of weeks. With the government providing insufficient aid for the victims, many groups have taken to organizing relief efforts boosted by social media. This page is an aggregation of these resources — specifically catered to international sponsors looking to donate through Paypal.

For more detailed information and updates about the current situation, please click this link.


  • The name of the organization

  • What the donations will be used for

  • A link to their paypal

  • Who to send proof of donation to

  • Their website or social media page

Put together by Bent and Meg.
If you spot any typos/broken links, or want to add an organization to the list, please DM @fightsgod.

What relief goods usually entail: non-perishable food, hygiene kits, blankets/mats, alcohol, basic medicines, basic PPE, etcetera.

When sending through Paypal, please make sure to select Friends/Family.

Before donating: For complete reassurance that your money will go to the right causes, please check the details of the organization you're interested in and the current status of their drive before going through with your donation.

  • Saan Aabot ang 20 Pesos Mo?, Waves for Water, Zero Hunger PH

  • Food and water assistance

  • paypal.me/samanthajozzel

  • no proof necessary

  • For more information, contact Samantha Jozzel UmadhayGlazelle Janine A. UmadhayPhen A. Umadhay @ Facebook